Spanish Culture: Trip to the Bodega Museo Maserof

On Saturday 17th January 30 people from the Moraira U3A, went on a trip high into the Sierra Bernia mountains. Fortunately we had a very good and careful coach driver, as he wound his way up the high, narrow mountain road!

A few intrepid travellers had travelled by car and arriving early they were treated to a guided tour of the Bodega Museo Maserof, an ancient farmhouse with vineyard, and were already sampling the magnificent Maserof red wine by the time the rest of us arrived.

We were led through huge wooden, and apparently Roman gates (they certainly looked old enough!) and Luisa our guide, showed us around the very interesting courtyard, complete with extremely rustic guest quarters, should anyone want to stay the night.

There was also a tour down into the underground Bodega, where huge wooden barrels are stored, and an old oak chair, referred to as the throne, this is meant to have mystic powers and a few brave travellers tried it out.

Then there was a tour of the museum, with all sorts of strange relics, although by this time we had lost a few of our group, as they joined the others sitting on the terrace overlooking the vineyards, sampling the wine.

After this we were shown the inner courtyard where the grape treading takes place by candlelight (and a number of our group expressed an interest in going to one of these evenings next September) before we were led into the impressive dining room.

Log fires had already been lit, it was a chilly day, but as we all sampled the local wine we began to warm up.

Caroline had prepared a superb meal, 3 tapas and a hot soup to start with, followed by delicious roast pork and vegetables; she came around the tables with lots more roast pork and cracking for anyone that could still manage to eat. Fortunately the sweet was very light, a light sponge with raspberries, and most of us managed that.

We had booked the coach to take us back at 4.30pm, but at that time Caroline was leading us in group singing, and as we were all in fine voice, it seemed a shame to break up the party. I checked the coach driver was still with us, and as he was enjoying the music, we carried on till nearly five, and left as a very merry group. The driver was very good (he had been the only one drinking water I believe!) and we were all safely delivered back to Moraira before 6.

Here is a small selection of the comments after the trip:

“It was a great trip and lots of fun being part of a group. Well done and thank you for organising it. We have looked at the links you sent and Googled Maserof to remind ourselves of the day. Hope we’ll do it again sometime.”

“A memorable and highly enjoyable day.”

“It was absolutely fabulous and so different from what we usually do. Certainly worthwhile to be repeated.”

“We really enjoyed it. Hope to see you on the grape treading trip if you are doing another one this year.”

“The coach, the venue, the owners and staff, all excellent. To organise a gluten free meal without electricity, and while feeding 40 others, unbelievable. Please thank the proprietor, it made the day for me.”

Pictures by Penny and Alan Hyslop

Pictures by Tim Turtland

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