British Citizens: Action on Winter Fuel Allowance

This information has been communicated by one of our members. She stresses the need for quick action by those interested in the issue.


“A reliable source has advised me of an item on a forum regarding winter fuel allowance.  I have copied the text below should you wish to act upon it. Please remember to add your name and contact details to the email should you decide to send it.

Text from Forum:

A POSSIBLE loophole has been found in the legislation to withdraw the Winter Fuel Allowance from Britons living abroad.

It had been ruled that expats living in countries where the average annual temperature is higher than the UK’s warmest region – the South West, at 5.6 degrees – will lose their allowance as of September 2015.

However a way around this law may now have been unearthed.

Expats are now being urged to force a rarely used parliamentary technique – known as a prayer – into action to halt the implementation of the statutory change.

In order to activate the prayer, the Work and Pensions Committee must receive a large number of complaints within 40 days of the statutory change being implemented – I.E. before January 24.

To help activate the prayer, the following email must be sent to

Dear Madam.

Please convey the following message immediately to the Committee.

To members of the Select Committee for Work & Pensions, it is urged that a ‘prayer’ an EDM as follows is laid before parliament before the 24th January (40 days after the SI was laid).

Early Day Motion (prayer)

Winter Fuel Payment to British Citizens in EU countries.
The Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 3270 (laid before PARLIAMENT on the 15th December 2014 restricting payment to pensioners residing in countries incorrectly called by the DWP ‘hot’ of the EU should be annulled. After the General Election, the matter may then be appropriately reconsidered by the new Parliament.
1. It discriminates against certain groups of British Citizen pensioners residing in certain States of the EU, some of whom are already in financial difficulties.
2. This SI almost certainly contravenes the UK treaty agreement with the EU on social security co-ordination.

End of text”

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