Trevor Kemp Photography Group leader

Trevor Kemp
Photography Group leader

Group Leader: Trevor Kemp

Frequency: Monthly, third Thursday of the month

Venue: Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatyud 45 (click on the link for directions)

Purpose of the group


The purpose of the group is to improve the quality and variety of our photographs. We can achieve this by practising the basics of photography, for example correct exposure, and by using the many options which our camera provides.

We also need to think of photography as a skill and an art. The main tool of picture taking is the photographer’s eye – to “see a picture”. This needs to be practiced! Our personal style is created by the way we see things and by what appeals to us.

Like all visual arts, there is no better art. Just different art. And like all artists, we only compete with ourselves and work on improving our skills. To have a (photo) group experience, will work in many ways: We will learn from each other, if we choose to do so, and the group energy creates good enthusiasm and provides for good times.


Group Outings

In order to get interesting photos, one has to be where interesting things are happening. In accordance with our practice for correct exposure, we shall choose different types of outings – architecture, landscape, people in action, indoors, details… The times and places for outings will be group decisions. We also arrange for viewing and discussing our pictures.

Check our Google+ page. Add the page to your circles to follow our activity on that social medium.


Our intrepid reporters in the thick of the action


Photo group outing – help and advice is there if you need it


Some subjects are harder than others

Photography group outing to Alicante Castle

Photography group outing to Alicante Castle


The group’s founder, Regina Müller


Contact the group leader:


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