U3A Band Members


goldenoldies_ianmairIan Mair – Guitar, vocals and musical director
From Dumbarton, Scotland – Studied music from 1959 and passed several Royal Schools of Music exams in both piano and musical theory. Played guitar and bass guitar in a number of bands in the 60’s with residencies at Glasgow University Students Union and a major nightclub on Loch Lomond. A career with BT and family demands ended any active involvement in music, until retiring to Javea with his wife Angela in 2001. Began playing again in 2006 and joined U3A in January 2014.

Laurence Baehr – Harmonica

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant specialising in Corporate Recovery and retired in 2006 to Moraira with his wife Shirley. Interested in music since his parents bought him a violin at the age of eleven but got fed up with bricks being hurled through the bedroom window, so bought himself a guitar and joined a skiffle group. Played a keyboard and enjoyed relaxation playing and composing. Laurence & Shirley were founder members of the U3A and he was delighted when John Hopwood invited musicians and singers to join the Golden Oldies and form a band with the immortal words “we have the ingredients, let’s start cooking”. The rest as they say, is history. Playing with the U3A band has given Laurence the musical confidence to play with the Costa Blanca Blues Band and with the Brinks Band on a Monday night open mike session. Instrument of choice is the Blues Harmonica (harp) and he has tried to create his own sound to complement the band. Hobbies include, among other things, photography and composing and arranging music. Joined the U3A in 2008, plays chromatic and blues harmonica, keyboard and guitar.

PeterBeckerPeter Becker – Bass Guitar
From Germany – started playing in 2005 after moving to Spain. Played percussion (congas and bongos) with “Poco Loco” a local steel band, and also plays bass guitar, guitar and keyboard with other bands. Joined U3A as bass guitarist in 2011. Also one of the founder members of the band.

JonathanBotterallJonathan Botterell – Vocals

From Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire Graphic Artist, Artist and Poet.
Sang in a college Band “Screaming Plasmas”. Moved to Spain in 2008 and became part of music scene in Denia. Joined U3A in 2013. My life here is blessed with love.

Mike Creese – Saxophone & Vocals

Yorkshire lad born in Middlesbrough who was sentenced to study classical and Spanish guitar in the sixties. Escaped while they were splinting the fingers for better technique. A few years spent on the run doing band and solo appearances. Worked as a Line Manager for BOAC. Last escape attempt resulted in some published adult and children’s fiction, but was again apprehended and made to complete the sentence.  Moved from Prague to Spain in 2004. Nearing release, took up sax and joined the band.

JohnHopwoodJohn Hopwood – Vocals and Group Leader. U3ACommittee Member

Originally from Nottingham but in Yorkshire since the age of nine followed by retirement in France and Goa India and moved to Spain in 2009. Always loved music but a totally failed musician. Had a guitar since the age of fifteen and still can’t play one! Never sung publicly until the band was formed – and then only under protest. Now it’s usually the other band members who protest!

GoldenOldies_BobCooperBob Cooper Rythm Guitar

Born in London. Had a guitar when I was about 14 and managed to learn about 2 1/2 chords but then discovered girls and put the guitar in a cupboard for about 40 years. In 1983 at the tender age of 33  I founded my own Estate Agency in Eastcote Middx., sold it in 2004 and retired. As I then had more time I took up the guitar again more seriously . I moved to Spain in 2006 and joined U3A in 2016. As well as playing guitar I also indulge my other passion which is anything to do with fast cars. After all you only live once!

goldenoldies_geoffName: Geoff

Hails From Oop North

Previous Existence Transporting aluminium tubes

Years in Spain 10

Role in this Band Drums and percussion

Chosen Weapons of Destruction Slingerland drums, Zildjian cymbals, smoke machine when allowed

Musical Heroes Tony Meehan, Bobby Elliott, Joe Morello, Steve Gadd, and numerous others

Likes Sunshine, single malt

Dislikes Incompetent authority, cold chips


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