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The Bodega Museo  Maserof – Suggested trip by the Spanish Cultural Group

The details are:

1pm to 3.30 pm (approx) Thursday 23rd October.

Venue: Maserof Bodega next to Verdi y Vent. (It is recommended that people car share where possible as the parking is limited, if we are a large group)

The Event: A Tour around the Museum and Maserof Bodega, their own natural red wine included in the cost with Lunch.( Coffee and water extra)

Cost: 33 Euros

Look it up on the internet :-

We first went there last year after reading about this place on the internet; we were intrigued and thought it worth a visit. We were not disappointed!  We arrived early and were warmly welcomed by the hostess Caroline, with a carafe of their red wine, and then her brother gave us the tour around the museum and bodega which was fascinating.

Maserof 2

Then we were shown into the kitchen which is really a working museum, and feels more like a work of art, but still produces wonderful food! After taking many photographs we then sat down in the characterful restaurant furnished with heavy rustic antique furniture and had several courses, with a main of venison which was tender and full of flavour but not “gamey”, every course was beautifully presented and tasted delicious. The wine flowed freely, we didn’t finish our carafe but the table next to us had theirs refilled several times… but this place is situated in the middle of the mountains behind Jalon, up a narrow road, so we were just more cautious!  It is extra for  coffee, provided in silver coffee pots, and it would be very easy to spend the afternoon there,  sitting out on the terrace.Maserof 1

Apparently they have only been open for lunch (Weekends only) for the last couple of years, which is maybe why we never discovered this place before, as we have been to Verdi y Vent several times and Maserof 5this is right next to it.  It is not cheap for lunch and there is no menu, just whatever the hostess is preparing, but for a unique experience, guided tour and delicious food we felt it was excellent value for money.

Please email Penny  to book for this event or for further information.


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