Dining Out at Casa Toni, Moraira Sept 2015

It should be easy to write a review where everything about the event is perfect. But would that be boring? Casa Toni on 8th September for the Dining Group was such an occasion; everything perfect – from the welcome, to the ambience, the surroundings, the presentation, the service, to every last morsel of food, there was not a single word of anything but praise from anyone I spoke to. Rare indeed. The steaks were each cooked EXACTLY as requested, in fact each dish from gratin mussels to sole and salmon was perfectly cooked and brought out with amazing timing. Even the random mix of guests at tables seemed to have worked to everyone´s satisfaction, judging by the animated conversations and laughter which I occasionally interrupted to get photos of faces pointing roughly in the same direction. Well done Toni, family and staff, you really nailed it! And thank you again to Pat and Brian our hosts for the evening.


Food 10
Wine 10
Service 10
Ambience 10


Jan Adams

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