Renewing UK Passports

by Margaret Roberts

Having successfully renewed my own Passport several years ago through Madrid, when Don’s needed doing, I downloaded the forms, had the application countersigned and the photo endorsed and sat down at the weekend to gather everything together ready for posting.

The first thing I found out is that Madrid stopped doing renewals last May and now you have to post everything off to Belfast. No problem I thought except that I couldn’t find an address anywhere. After some time spent trolling through various government websites, I decided to phone.

A very nice lady said that as from January 2014 all renewals must be done Online. So all the printing I had done and the countersigning etc. was all a waste of time. There is no choice; it must be completed online.

There is no need for endorsements of any kind (unless you are renewing for a child) and the payment details are included. The last page is the declaration which you have to print and sign and this is posted with two photos and the old passport, and this is where they give you the address. This declaration is printed with your name and a reference number on it so they can easily find your online application. Also you are given a reference to be able to track its progress.

In the UK it is the same system except they post you the declaration which is then returned with the photos etc. In the UK there is a system in place for people without a computer, I think through the Post Office, for which you pay extra, but I’m not sure how you would do it from Spain. I hope this helps anyone who needs to renew.

Editor’s Note – If you wish to renew your passport, then follow this link

A 16 page guide can be downloaded from here

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