Recommendations to avoid tiger mosquito proliferation

Teulada-Moraira town hall has issued recommendations to avoid proliferation of tiger mosquitos:

  • Do not leave outdoor containers which can collect water or, if you leave them outside, empty them at least twice a week or turn them upside down. This includes water toys, ashtrays, vases, buckets, cans, dishes under the pots, pet dishes, wading pools , etc
  • Avoid water accumulation in drainage or gutters
  • Avoid leaving holes and dips in which water can accumulate and fill with sand holes in tree trunks
  • Protect wells and cisterns with mosquito nets
  • Make sure that you maintain pools properly, by chlorinating water and, if possible, keep them covered when not in use
  • Make sure that water does not accumulate in plastic sheets and tarps

Read the full article in Teulada-Moraira Digital (Google automatic translation from Spanish)

Tiger mosquitos carry the dengue fever virus – which can have serious health consequences

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