Group Leader:  Gaby Mauger

Frequency:  Monthly

Venue: Contact group leader for information

The group explores all types of literature including plays, poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, classics, contemporary and several prize winning foreign authors.

We currently (April 2012) have a membership of 14 people, 7 of whom attended the very first meeting and have remained committed and supportive of the group. As with all of the U3A groups there is a great deal of coming and going between UK and Spain so at the monthly meeting about 7 – 9 people usually attend.

Our meetings are fun and always light-hearted. The level of discussion really depends on the book – quite often half the group love it and the other half hate it! This always makes for a great chat!

Only 2 rules. You must commit to reading the book (even if you hate it) and please let me know if you can’t attend … I would feel really silly sitting alone waiting for people who are not coming!!

So if you love reading and always like to talk about the book with other people afterwards, the Reading Group may be just for you.


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News Sheet (external file, PDF): reading-reflections
News sheet (external file, PDF): reading-newssheet

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