Overview of a successful walking season

The walking season for 2016 has gone in summer recess until 13 September 2016. The past successful period from September 2015 until June 2016, with the high number of walkers who came savoring the beautiful surroundings of Moraira, deserves picturing the beautiful moments we all enjoyed.

To entice our U3A members on Healthy Walking, some pictures from our fellow walker Tim Turland are posted here for you:

Admiring the blossom Architecture Blossom view Brian at its best Briefing Classic cars Colourful backgrounds Discussing walk after meal Parcent 2 Discussing walk after meal Parcent Discussing walk over coffee Expert opinion Inspecting washing place gata Intermediate rest laderas Intermediate rest Little rest in the woods Meal after walk parcent 2 Meal after walk parcent 3 Meal after walk parcent Pause during rain spell Safeguarding the sheep The end of the queu Waiting for the leader Walkers climbing the vine walls Walkers enjoying the views Walking through the blossom in parcent WIthstanding the cold

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