Moraira robbery warning

This incident took place on Tuesday the 9th February outside the estate agents opposite the clinic and main entrance to the car park and market in Moraira at 11.30 am.

I was waiting on the pavement for my lift to arrive when I was approached by a young woman aged between 25-30 with dark hair tied back in a pony tail. She was about 5ft 4-5 and of medium build. She approached me and asked me something in Spanish which I didn’t understand she repeated the question and I said English. She then spoke good English and started making certain comments as to my appearance. Having already heard of one or two robberies and assaults in the area my immediate reaction was one of caution and I placed my hand in my back pocket to cover my wallet.

She then asked if she could give me a kiss and a hug. I said no and stepped away but the next thing I knew she had her arms around my neck and was kissing my face. I immediately pushed her away with my free hand and she started saying that she was just being friendly and didn’t I like her. Then she came at me again and clasped her arms around the back of my neck and it took a lot of effort to finally push her away. After saying a few words in Spanish to me she slowly walked away and turned into Av de la Paz which was the last I saw of her. It wasn’t till much later that eve that I realised that a gold chain and pendant that I was wearing was missing from my neck. The attached pendant was quite large and heavy and I am still amazed that I never felt her take it or that it was even gone. The pendant was quite valuable but even more important was the the fact that it belonged to my late mother and it was unique in its design and held huge sentimental value to me and can never be replaced so obviously I am extremely upset.

I have reported the incident to the Guardia Civil and have identified this woman from a page of mug shots and she is known to the police. I also understand that these incidents are usually preceded by a man approaching men and asking for the time. A few minutes later they are approached by this woman who then carries out the same routine as happened to me. Once she leaves it is usually with the person’s watch and I am told they have no recollection of it being removed so I doubt we are dealing with amateurs.

I sincerely hope these people are caught very soon but I thought it apt to warn others to be vigilant especially if approached by strangers asking questions.


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