Minutes Monthly Meeting 9th Jan 2017

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 9th January 2017
at the Salon G.L., at 10.30

It is confirmed that the Deputy-President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the Meeting on 7th March 2016.

David Haxon welcomed everybody to the meeting, especially the 34 new members, reminding all of the emergency procedures in the event of evacuation of the building. He also requested all mobile phones to be switched off or on to silent mode.
Peter Schofield read out the synopsis of the 5th December 2016 meeting. The full minutes are on the website and were proposed by Ray Guise-Smith, seconded by Shirley Young and approved by the members with a show of hands.
President´s Address
Although the President, John Hopwood, was unable to attend the meeting, he sent his report to David Haxon to read to the members. A new year for the U3A was approaching, with the AGM due on 6th March volunteers would be needed to carry out various tasks.
At the AGM the usual vote for Committee Officers would take place. Nomination forms are available from the Secretary and will shortly be available on the Website. Anyone willing to put their names forward would be welcomed by the Committee. Many of the current Committee undertake to do more than one task and often year after year. Organising social events for the members requires a lot of work, therefore any extra help would be much appreciated. John H said his message this month was simply to ask anyone, whether living permanently or just having a holiday home in Spain, to consider assisting at General Meetings, at social events or to run a Group. John H requested those wanting to be a Committee Member speak to Titch and those wishing to help at General Meetings or social events to contact either Prue Jackson or Lynn Clark.
John H wished all members the very best for the New Year.
David supported John’s request for help from the members.
Treasurer Carin Derksen read out two reports, one with details of the account as at 31st December 2016, showing a total of € 11.734,26 and the other as at 9th January 2017, showing a total of € 14.365,46. The full reports will be on the U3A website.
Group Coordinator Prue Jackson advised the members that Ian Brown and Trevor Kent would be the new Film Group Leaders. The Mosaic Group will be displaying some of their work at the next meeting, it will be interesting to see the variety of work produced using tiles. The two Solo Groups are now both full, therefore Prue is looking for people that are interested in joining a new Group, as well as a Group Leader. Matters Arising Group, on Tuesday´s at Number 45 in the Calle Dr Calatayud starting at 2pm, the next meeting the subject is; Opinion Polls – Are they any good? This should be a lively discussion. A possible new Group for tennis players, to be played at Sol Park, if anyone is interested in joining such a Group or to be the Group Leader, please contact Prue.
Travel Group Carol Mantle introduced two new members of the Travel Group that are needed to help with organising even more day trips. Some Members will already know Sue Popkin and Lynn Clark, but Carol asked them both to stand so those members present could see them. The next shopping and sightseeing trip to Valencia is on 15th February with twelve places left. The shopping and sightseeing trip to Elche is on 15th March and may be of interest to the Gardening Group as Elche has some wonderful gardens. Included in the shopping side will be a visit to a Shoe Factory. There are 25 places left. All day trips cost € 10 per person. Carol went on to give information about overnight trips to Jerez in May 2017 and to Paris in May 2018 full details of all trips can be found on the Travel Group webpage of the U3A website.
Cultural Arts Events Eileen Hodson read out all the events for January and February, including Concerts Costa Blanca on January 15th (Sunday) Haydn: Philemon & Baucis at Teatro Soler; Benidorm Palace on Sunday 5th February at 8:30pm Rat Pack with guest artistes The Boogie Belles; Royal Opera House broadcasts live cinema at Calpe Casa de la Cultura and Alfaz del Pi on 28th February Sleeping Beauty. Complete details of these and all the events can be found on the U3A website for Cultural Arts.
Matters Arising from the Reports There were no matters arising.
Any Other Business

David reminded the Members that the Support Group telephone number was 634324693. He also said that the Nomination forms for those wanting to stand for election to the Committee can be obtained from the Secretary, Titch, and will soon be on the U3A website.
The raffle was drawn, the winning ticket 249 was held by Terry Fussell who won a €50 voucher for Pepe La Sal.

The Meeting closed at 11:05 am

The next meeting will be on 6th February

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 9th January 2017

Proposed by ………………………………………….Seconded by…………………………….Date ……………………

Secretary of the Meeting ………. Titch Crossfield


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