Matters Arising meets at 14:00 on 11 October to discuss: UK property prices are sky-high. Why?

The next meeting will take place in the Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud (the main street with lots of shops) in Moraira. The room is on the 1st floor, there is a lift.

The main door closes automatically, even if we are trying to keep it open for the duration of the arrival of group members, but people living in the building prefer it closed at all times. If you find it locked, call me on the phone and I will come to open it (the phone number will be shown on the email sent to group members.)

I have requested a change of time, to start at 14:00, as many people who would like to participate are busy with other groups on Tuesday morning – I will confirm the new timing as soon as possible.

The subject of the next discussion will be close to the hearts (and pockets) of many members:

UK property prices are sky-high. Why?

Marje Mellor has kindly offered to lead the discussion.

Property prices have been going up at an incredible speed in London for the last few years, making it impossible for people with lower income to live anywhere near the centre. The high prices have led to gentrification of new boroughs in London, so that properties in areas considered unfashionable or unpleasant, suddenly become very expensive, very quickly, making them unaffordable for a growing segment of the population. Other parts of England have seen prices go up, while other areas stay depressed. Marjorie will take us through the issues involved and we are likely to have have a spirited discussion on the subject.

Is it any of these reasons or all?
1. Supply and Demand – a neglected house-building programme in a time of rapidly increasing population growth
2. Market Distortion – buy-to-let landlords and wealthy foreign investors keeping prices hiked by removing from the market available properties
3. Land-Banking and Property Hoarding – major corporations buying and keeping land and properties as investments for the future


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