Matters Arising 8 Nov 2016: Water: Should it be more expensive?

During our last meeting in October we decided to discuss “Cybersecurity and the Manipulation of Information”. However, travel and an ongoing refurbishment have made it impossible for me to prepare adequately for the discussion, therefore I’d like to propose an alternative subject for this month:

“Water: Should it be more expensive?”

“Thousands have lived without love; not one without water,” W.H. Auden

Should water, the stuff of life, be completely free or at least affordable or, considering its shortage and how much of it is wasted even in dry areas, should it be priced according to its scarcity?

We have lived through three very dry years in Spain and on the Costa Blanca in particular, so we all have opinions and facts about water and its scarcity in this area. But even water rich areas like the UK or Switzerland face occasional water shortages, with standpipes provided in the UK or watering of lawns forbidden in summer in the water tower of Europe, Switzerland.

What can we do to improve water supply and make better use of the water we have?




To prepare for the discussion, you may want to check this week’s Economist:

As an aside, I am organising a visit to the Desalination Plant in Jávea for the Photo and Gardening groups on 10th November at 10:00. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to the Photo group leader: Trevor Kemp (, who will advise you if there are places available and how to get to the meeting point.

Information on the Jávea desalination plant: (English version at the end)


Please let me know by email: if you wish to participate in the discussion

The meeting will take place in the Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud (the main street with lots of shops) in Moraira. The room is on the 1st floor, there is a lift.

The main door closes automatically, even if we are trying to keep it open for the duration of the arrival of group members, but people living in the building prefer it closed at all times. If you find it locked, call me on the phone and I will come to open it (the phone number will be shown on the email sent to group members.)

Visit the group’s page:

Join the closed Facebook group

Contact the group leader:

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