Matters Arising 7th June 11:00 at Café Bonissimo

Matters Arising Discussion Group

When: Tuesday 7th June 11:00

Where: Café Bonissimo, cala Andragó, Moraira (see directions below)

Have you enjoyed the life of a favourite pet? When she/he grew old and maybe suffering from poor health, did you (out of love) decide to end their suffering early? Why, oh why do we allow our loved ones to suffer, when all they want, is to drift off to sleep, forever?

Chris Dry will lead a discussion on

Prostitution, drugs, euthanasia: should we legalise things that are presently illegal?

After 15 years of a muscle wasting illness, Rena made the trip to Dignitas.

It has been a sad, but good day.

The Romilly family had a lovely day in the sun by the lake yesterday and I joined them late afternoon and we had a nice meal with a fair amount of vino.

Going to Dignitas was a really lovely experience with Rena. She was so sure of her decision and her life ended quickly and it was such a wonderful experience to be able to all be there and tell her how much we loved her. Nick has been a superb son and I think has been pleased to support his mum with such a difficult decision.

I hope that one day the UK will enable people to make such dignified decisions.

Thanks for your messages and your support to enable us both to be here.

Love V and N xx

Big subjects, very controversial – don’t miss the next session

Just to remind you: as we are not paying for the facilities we do request that you purchase a drink tea, coffee, water etc and pay when ordering or before leaving.

Directions to Café Bonissimo, next to Aoki Teppanyaki:

Café – Bar Bonissimo

Centro Algas

Local 3, Bloque B

Carretera Moraira-Calpe

03724 Moraira

Please announce your participation to the group leader:
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