Matters Arising 13th September

Matters Arising Discussion Group

The next meeting of the group will be on 13th September – timing and venue to be confirmed closer to the date.

Make time in your schedule for this event!

The subject, selected during our May meeting will be:

The first Industrial Revolution: why did it happen in Britain and not in Spain? (Or in any other country?)

To get us started, here is a short quote:

Between 1750 and 1914 Europe experienced three major waves of industrialisation. One peaked between the 1780s and 1820s; a second crest appeared in the decades between 1840 and 1870; and a third rolled through in the last two decades before the First World War. Each was associated with a particular region and with a particular type of technology.

The process began in Britain, the world’s first industrial economy… and was centred upon relatively simple and cheap innovations in two leading sectors, cotton textiles and iron-making.* 

 We will try to focus the discussion on the first Industrial Revolution, the context in Britain and Spain and, if possible, why it happened in one country and not other.

The subject is topical, as we are told by countless news stories at the moment that we are at the beginning of the fourth Industrial Revolution, led by the ascent of artificial intelligence and robotics, so it will be interesting looking at the historical and social context of the first Industrial Revolution.

I will circulate further information on the discussion, with a meeting time and venue, closer to the date.

Enjoy your summer, whether you stay in Spain, travel to the UK or, why not, cruise around the world.

*By Clive Trebilock, Oxford Illustrated History of Modern Europe Ed. T.C.W. Blanning, 1998

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