Matters Arising 10th May – conclusions and presentation


10 people turned up for the 3rd meeting of the group, which allowed the present to express themselves at leisure, while discussing Spanish working hours – pros and cons:

Spaniards sit for dinner, while the rest of Europe is ready to go to bed – should they change their working hours and habits?

At the end of a wide-ranging discussion, the group came to the conclusion that the Spaniards seem to be happy with their work-life balance and, although the working hours are rather difficult, businesses are free to open when they wish, which seems to suit most people involved.

Although the Spaniards themselves complain about their low productivity – we wished the super-efficient Northern Europeans had the joie de vivre of our Spanish hosts!

A drink at the Relax, aka the Satellite Office, concluded the morning.

You can have a look at the slides of my presentation, including the ones I did not use:

Click to access SpanishHours.pdf

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