David Goodall Group Leader

Group Leader

Group Leader: David Goodall

Venue: Bar CostaMar, underneath Pepe La Sal, Moraira (Pepe’s near Letter ‘R’ Us)

Frequency: Thursdays 1400 – 1600

There are many variations of Mahjong played in China and other parts of the world. Our group uses the new International Rules (sometimes called Mahjong Competition Rules) devised by China in 1998 after analysing many different forms of play and scoring. It was used for the first World Mahjong championships in Tokyo in 2002.


If you are new to the game, you will play Mahjong in its simplest form (Pungs, Kongs & Chows) for a few weeks in order to get used to the tiles and the form of play. Then a variety of proper scoring hands will be gradually introduced, and this is the real appeal of the game.


The more you learn, the better you will become, and the more enjoyment you will get from the game. If you have played Mahjong before, then you will move on to the proper scoring hands more quickly.



It is these new rules which allow complete beginners and experienced players to play together. For instance if you learned in, say, Singapore or the Middle East, you would have to adapt your game slightly and learn the newer, simplified way of scoring, but in practice it works very well, and we regularly play socially with Jávea U3A group.



Write up and photographs of the July 2010 Moraira-Jávea Mahjong match

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