Live Love Legacy by Judith Atkinson

NEWSLETTER Number 59 - January 2014

Judith Atkinson is one of our U3A members. After doing 2 years research, Judith initially wrote most of her book on El Portet Beach before transcribing to computer. El Portet was a great inspiration to Judith. It has now set her on course to develop and share with others what she has learned on the journey so far. Here is a synopsis of her book.

‘One woman’s search for purpose, passion and spirituality in the new midlife.

There is a time in our lives when one part of us dies away and a new part is waiting to awaken. Now is the time to fulfill destiny. As Judith Atkinson discovered it is a time for that magical turning point when one can grow and flourish.

In her midlife despite having a home in a beautiful part of Spain, two wonderful daughters and a successful career as a teacher – instead of feeling happy and fulfilled she felt consumed with panic and depression.

Judith Atkinson set out to discover her true passion and examine what impact spirituality could have on her life. Her goal now is to empower other women around the world to achieve their passions and creativity.’

U3A member, Leo Cookson, writes the following review.

‘In writing and publishing a book on her own, and placing it on the Amazon web-site, Judith Atkinson has shown those of us less brave and imaginative, that all you have to do to become fully alive, is to find and develop your inner child and play at being a success. By following the Law of Attraction, Judith shows us how to journey with a positive attitude. No matter that outcomes may be disappointing – and no one gets away without these; by working with and through them, they become building blocks towards a stronger you. With new found strength, we are equipped to take bigger risks and widen our horizons. The most important challenge in life is to know where to go to for information.

We may, for example, be in a difficult relationship, but Judith, with the aid of her book, will show us how to survive the ordeal and to work our way through it. We may be socially isolated, frightened and alone, but Judith shows us that by following her recommendations, we will find the tools necessary to construct a full recovery, not to mention a unique identity into the bargain. Judith closes each chapter with her “Jottings”. These are notes she has made about her own observations and reflections relating to that chapter in her life. We all have similar ‘chapters’ and Judith’s jottings are nothing short of inspirational.

If you are looking for inspiration from a spirited mentor with a lifetime’s experience in many different contexts, look no further than Live Love Legacy. Judith’s book is not just another self-help book, it is a book written outside the framework of convention. It is brave and free spirited, and an autobiography of a very exciting life founded on a purposeful belief system. Judith wants to help people who are stuck in their life journey. That is why she wrote this book, and I certainly found inspiration from it. Thank you Judith!’

Editor’s Note – Judith’s book is available on Amazon at £7.40 plus posting & packing. Free delivery to a UK address.

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