Las Chicas Que Comen Lunch At Sands Restaurant  9 October 2014

Thirty nine participants gathered for the Chicas lunch on a beautiful sunny day at Sands restaurant below La Sort Hotel in Passeig del Senillar in Moraira near the beach. Perfect day, perfect setting, great company, high expectations. Boy, were we disappointed! The welcome drink took forever to arrive and that set the scene. We had to be inside because in spite of promising exclusive use of all the restaurant they decided to allow the public to eat outside, and there were only two waiters. No wine arrived till we had finished the starters, in spite of much asking. The starters, when they eventually arrived were tasty and well presented, but the main course was rather random sized portions of turbot, and the stroganoff looked truly disgusting – I have never seen anything looking quite so bad served in a restaurant. Comments ranged from ´Pedigree Chum ¨ to rather less complimentary. Unfortunately the agreement  to give two glasses of wine was only verbal, and they rescinded on that, then grudgingly poured a little more, to some people, only to later try to charge an extra 5 euros a head for extra wine! The desserts were very nice, but the company was the thing that actually made the whole event very good in spite of all the problems. Costa Blanca ladies know how to enjoy themselves in spite of anything, and they did just that. But what a group to treat badly!!  Many thanks to Lynn Elaine and Shirley for organising the event, and for coping with the stress involved.

Text by Jan Adams

Photos by Shirley Baehr


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