Las Chicas Que Comen at Ca’ Pepe 13 Nov 2014

Only twenty four of the Chicas group booked into the latest event which was held at Ca Pepe, but we certainly got the five star treatment! Ca Pepe is tucked away in Calle Haya, and Alan and Sonia are now in their fourth year as owners. We were inside, overlooking the terrace, on tables of six, and the restaurant is spacious enough to be able to easily hear conversation, which flowed very easily. Alan is a talented chef, and when the food arrived at each table in turn all you could hear was ´mmmm´ and ´delicious´ In fact there was not a single adverse comment when I wandered round to check, everybody was full of praise. Again it was random seating, table colours drawn by coloured lollipop sticks, so that you get to meet different people. In fact for the first time my table started as six total strangers. All in all a very successful and enjoyable lunch. Our thanks again to Lynn and her team.

Jan Adams

November 2014

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