Las Chicas at Ca La Iaia May 2016

Forty Chicas checked in at restaurant Ca La Iaia, on the left on the road out of Moraira towards Teulada, on 11 May in rather mixed weather, sunny one minute, cloudy the next. We ate outside for the first time this year, and it only got chilly towards the end. The outside area was very pleasant for us to gather and circulate to chat with friends with a glass of cava, then to sit at spacious round tables. Starters were again mixed, the goat’s cheese salad had loads of green with cheese just crumbled over it, tasty but uninspired, and the soup was not well liked. But the main courses were well received, cordon blue was very good and the fish was pronounced excellent. Desserts were very nice and chocolaty and did not mix well with white linen! Wine and service were also very good. We gave Lynn flowers to express our appreciation for her effort despite personal difficulties, and our thanks go also to her team. And we still don’t know how to pronounce the restaurant name!
Jan Adams
May 2016

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