Knit, Stitch and Natter

Group Leader: Maureen Burrows

Frquency: Contact the group leader for information

Venue: Private home

Knit, Stitch and Natter Group leader

Maureen: We knit and sew, mainly accessories and toys for children, but also accessories for ladies – all for various charities. Meetings are usually fortnightly and are arranged to suit the majority of the group. You don’t have to actually attend our meetings. However, they are occasions with coffee, wine and biscuits being provided by the hostess. It’s a great way to spend the occasional afternoon – making things while we natter.

Further Information

At our July 2012 General Meeting, Nikki Luxford, a reporter from the Costa Blanca News wrote an article (with photograph) about the work of the Knit, Stitch and Natter Group. Click below to read an enlarged copy of the article.028-knit-natter At another of our General Meeting (on 3rd June 2013), Maureen Burrows, Group Leader, and Candy Wright of the WIBC Spain (Women in Business Club) were congratulated on the donations of their work to charity. Candy explained that some items were given to the Victims of Domestic Violence organisation. And some items, particularly blankets, were given to patients at La Pedrera Hospital, Dénia who were suffering from Alzeimers and dementia. These patients usually have no relatives or friends and the blankets become a very significant personal possession for them.

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