Information on Teulada-Moraira Newsletter

Information from Laura Hillstead:

As promised at the U3A meeting on 5th September, please find below information on our official municipal website and weekly newsletter.
Many of our residents and tourists have already signed up to receive the newsletter, but some people are unaware of it, despite the publicity it has received, as it is still a relatively new initiative.
Both contain useful and important information: what the Town Hall is doing, has done recently and will do in the future, fiestas, cultural events, courses etc.
We would be grateful if you could forward this information on to U3A members. You can also mention it on your websites and Facebook pages too:

1) Link for our municipal website:

2) You can read the previous newsletters via the Town Hall website, by clicking on the blue banner “Visita la Newsletter Semanal” or directly, by clicking below:

3) If you would like to receive the newsletter every week by e-mail, complete the online form via the Town Hall website by clicking on the green banner “Inscríbete a la Newsletter” or directly, by clicking below:
On the newsletter form, please provide: your name, surname, e-mail and language you would like to receive it in, then click “enviar” to send.


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