“HELP” of Denia and Marina Alta – UK Residents Survey

We have received another request from the President of HELP as follows:

Jordi Giner, is a Sociology Lecturer at the University of Valencia. He is currently working on his thesis for his Doctorate (Phd) which is looking at how and why some UK retirees living in the Marina Alta area, may at some point consider returning to the UK.

Jordi has developed a straight forward questionnaire, likely to take less than 10 minutes of your time, and of course the success of his thesis is dependent on getting our views as we are the subject matter!

I must emphasise that it is a confidential questionnaire, and is entirely voluntary; no information will be shared with a third party and data will be destroyed on completion of the research.

This request to help by completing the survey is also being passed on to other local organisations in the Marina Alta area aswell, such as local U3A’s, Help, MABS, Lions, Rotary, and AFPO in Calpe.

Jordi will be so grateful for your support, so members if you would like to participate then complete the attached questionnaire by clicking on the link below – this is without any obligation.

Many thanks Judith Goodall – President of HELP

UK Residents Survey 




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