From May 9 is effective reform of the Law on Traffic and Road Safety.

  • All children under 16 years, riding a bicycle or occupants should always wear a helmet.
  • Fine rises to 1,000 euros the penalty for driving with presence of drugs and or alcohol in the body or in case of recurrence rate double.
  • You can immobilize a vehicle if there is no child restraint device.
  • Radar detectors are prohibited, not only devices that report the location of the radars.
  • Some of the provisions set out in the Act need further policy development and therefore does not come into force on 9 May.

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Once approved by Parliament the reform of the Law on Traffic and Road Safety and after the legal deadline for entry into force tomorrow May 9 application for those provisions to be mandatory for citizens begins.
The main objective of this reform is to adapt some of the content of the rule to the current reality, increasing the safety and security of all road users, especially the weak and punishing the hard way behaviors more dangerous.
Here are the rules that go into effect tomorrow are explained. Other changes included in the law, depend on further policy development, so its entry into force, shall be specified in the regulatory rules have developed.
Drugs: The Act prohibits driving with presence of drugs in the body of the driver but excluding substances used on prescription and therapeutic purposes. This administrative offense is punishable with a fine of 1,000 euros and the decrease of 6 points.
What does not change is driving under the influence of drugs, with a track criminal as stated in Article 379.2 of the Criminal Code.
Alcohol: It remains at 500 euros and the decrease of 4-6 points the offense for driving with rates exceeding the established alcohol, addition, shall be liable to 1,000 euro fine those recidivist drivers, ie, which have already been sanctioned in immediately before for the same reason the year; well as for those drivers traveling at a rate exceeding twice the allowable.
Another of the rules that go into effect tomorrow is the obligation not only drivers, but all road users to undergo testing for alcohol and drugs when involved are in a car accident or have committed infringement.
Immobilization of vehicles: the cases of detention of vehicles are expanded, emphasizing referred to immobilization if agents can not have the proper child restraint device to minor traveling on it.
Helmet: Starting tomorrow, the under 16 both drivers and passengers of bicycles and cycles should always wear a helmet, regardless of the way in which they circulate. For over 16 years, the law does not change. Its use is mandatory only on interurban roads, although its use is recommended also in urban areas.
Overtaking cyclists: Even though I picked the Traffic Regulations, rises normative range in order to strengthen the safety of cyclists, so that the vehicle forward a cyclist should maintain a minimum lateral clearance of 1.5 meters and may occupy part or all of the adjacent or opposite lane. It is forbidden to overtake a cyclist if the maneuver can jeopardize or impede the progress of cyclists, both circulating in the same direction as in the opposite direction to the vehicle that is going to overtake.
Radar Detectors: From tomorrow is expressly prohibited from using radar detectors, devices that track the location of waves by radar. Violation of this prohibition is punishable as a serious offense which is a penalty of 200 euros and the decrease of 3 points.
The prohibition of inhibitors are those that can cancel or change the operation of the radar is also maintained. Which if allowed advertisers are appliances that have a database with the possible location of the radars.
Hit game species: In traffic accidents caused by abuse of game species in general, the responsibility will be of the vehicle. When animal abuse is a direct consequence of an action big game, the manager will own the land and if it is due to lack of repair fencing or signage, the manager will own the road where the accident occurred .
New offenses: From tomorrow become offenses falling load occasion a vehicle for road safety; the execution of works on the road without advance notice to the authority responsible for traffic; breaching the conditions of movement of an authorization; prevent the work of control of schools and recognition of drivers and cause infrastructure damage due to excess weight or size of a vehicle.
In addition to these developments, also enters into force tomorrow possibility for agents not to notify the complaint on the spot, provided the complainant agent is performing surveillance and traffic control and lack of means to carry out the police pursuit vehicle.
It also states that the timing of the complaint and claims payment discount penalties is 20 calendar days.
In addition to that seen in the previous sections, the reform of the Law on Traffic and Road Safety introduces new rules that take effect yet because they need further policy development. Among those precepts, the most important are:
  • – The prohibition of the occupation of the front or rear of the vehicle to children depending on their age or size seats.Development in the Traffic Regulations.
  • – Changes related to maximum and minimum speed limits for drivers, vehicles and roads must have their policy development in the Traffic Regulations.

– The restrictions on access and movement for urban and interurban roads to vehicles for environmental reasons.Legislative Development Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

– Modification of restrictions or limitations to drive in cancer processes listed in driver regulations. So far they could not drive. Act which provides that the report issued by the responsible oncologist to see any restrictions or limitations of the patient to get behind the wheel will be ignored. Development Ministerial Order.

– The obligation of foreign residents in Spain to register their vehicles in our country. Development Vehicle Regulation.

– The ban on exports to third countries vehicles that do not meet the requirements of both safety and environmental. Development Vehicle Regulation.

– The procedure for cross-border exchange of information on traffic offenders in Spain when driving a vehicle registered in another state of the European Union, different from our vehicle.

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