Film 12 Dec: Eye in the Sky

When: Monday 12th December, doors open 17;45, film commences 18:00

Where: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

What: Eye in the Sky

U3A Membership Card for entrance (free) – NO booking required

‘Eye in the Sky’ is about the whole new world of legal, moral and ethical dilemmas that military drone technology has created. Nowhere have I seen the changes that this has wrought – the geographical separation of the decision-making chain of command, and the huge spatial divorce between the ‘killer’ and the ‘killed’ – better illustrated than in this film. Although it was all shot in South Africa, none of the four lead actors — Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul and Barkhad Abdi — met one another during production, instead they all filmed alone with the director, Gavin Hood, due to their characters’ separate locations in the film.
Helen Mirren as Colonel Katherine Powell commands from Northwood Headquarters on the outskirts of north-west London. The Reaper drone itself is controlled from an airforce base in Nevada by Aaron Paul’s character, USAF pilot Steve Watts, and Barkhad Abdi’s character, Jama Farah, is close to the target in Kenya. Powell wants to turn her ‘capture’ mission into a ‘kill’ mission and needs a General’s (Alan Rickman) approval, who promptly passes the decision further up the chain to the Brit Foreign Secretary (played by Iain Glen) who is down with a case of the trots in the Far East (natch) and attempts to defer the decision to the US Secretary of State.
This is not an action film as such. It’s more of a think piece, so the script, sets and performances are critical – and they do not disappoint. The tension is at times unbearable as the ‘go/no go’ decision gets batted back and forth, up and down.
Alan Rickman, as ever, was his usual polished and consummate self and is a factor in the success of this film. Alan died of cancer between completion of ‘Eye in the Sky’ and its release. 5 stars.


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