Dining Out: Satari Restaurant Moraira Oct 2016

This month´s Dining Group event was hosted at Satari´s restaurant, always a popular choice. As a nice bonus we had Ian Hendry on the piano, providing background music during the meal, then he upped the tempo for dancing later.  The first group was a little smaller with 44 people, and the second group, a full house of 52 people, seemed to make the atmosphere livelier.  The food was excellent, with lamb the most popular as always, and a special marshmallow dessert for those with a very sweet tooth.  The second group had noticeably more new members than usual, giving the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, which is what the ethos of the U3A is all about.  A big thank you to our hosts Pat and Brian Clarke.

Jan Adams

October 2016


Food                    9

Service                 10

Atmosphere        10

Wine                    10



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