Dining Out May 2015: Olive Tree


Two cohorts of the Dining Group went to the Olive Tree restaurant as this month´s chosen venue. We were welcomed by our hosts with a glass of cava on the airy covered terrace before going inside to find our allotted seats. The layout was spacious and you could hear the conversation, not always the case in Spanish restaurants. Menu choices were from garlic mushrooms, soup, goats cheese, prawn cocktail and pate, then chicken, pork belly, lambs liver or cod, finished off by a choice of four desserts. Everyone I asked was pleased with their meal, the only criticism was that the last people understandably had rather a long wait, but nobody was too put out by this, much too busy chatting! Our thanks to this month´s hosts Shirley and Derick.

Food 9.5
Atmosphere 10
Service 9.5
Wine 10
Value 10

Jan Adams
May 2015

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