Dining Out at Premium Plus Moraira April 2016

This month´s Dining group event proved so popular that, with 34 on the waiting list that our generous hosts Pat and Brian agreed to arrange a third evening instead of the usual two. And the first two events certainly fulfilled all expectations. The food and wine was all excellent, beautifully presented and enjoyed by everybody. It is always a good sign when each person thinks their choice was the best!
Sadly the third evening, which should have been even better with the addition of live guitar entertainment, was a real let down. So much went wrong, from cold plates with undercooked food, some tables being provided with a hot stone to finish cooking their food to their liking, but others not, to very slow service meaning one table had finished and were leaving before another had been served their dessert. Diners commented that the restaurant staff just did not seem to have got their act together, and they appeared to give priority to their à la carte customers rather than to our group of 40 which had been booked over two months in advance, leading to general dissatisfaction. It was such a shame that they let themselves down so badly, and such a contrast with the excellence of the other two nights. But to sum up, in total 113 diners attended over the three evenings, of which 73 were very satisfied.
Jan Adams

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