Group Leader: John Sandham

Venue: Saxo Night Club, Moraira

Frequency: Thursdays afternoon, 14:15 onwards

The charge will depend on numbers attending each class but anticipate €3.00 to €4.50

The dance classes meet weekly at Saxo Night Club in Moraira.

Salsa if the first dance class starting at 14.15. This is then followed by a Jive class at 15.30. Please be prompt for both classes.

I will be there to welcome you, and collect your fee of €3.00 per person, per class.

For those of you who are alone/single dancers, do come along as we have several dancers in the same position.

I am still trying to get a Line Dance class together but we do need a minimum of 12 people to start – so if you are interested, please email me and I’ll put your name on the list you never know you could be the 12th person we need!

See you Thursday, just turn up you don’t need to book but you do need your U3A membership card.


Contact group leader:

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