Creative Writing

Group Leader: Dot Garrett


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The group meet on alternate Mondays in the afternoon. Meetings last approx two and half hours.

We generally meet at a member’s house.

At the moment we have approx 12 members.

At the meetings we share our individual contributions by reading aloud from the set topic suggested by the Group Leader.

We give and receive constructive criticism to help us develop our writing skills.

We are a group who either already enjoy writing or who want to start and need help. Most of all, we want to have fun. They say that everyone has a novel inside them waiting to get out. Some of us would be happy with a short story or a simple poem. Writing takes many forms and can be really rewarding especially when you share it with others.

That’s our aim in the Creative Writing Group. We want to enjoy ourselves and improve our writing at the same time through reading our work aloud, discussing it with each other, sharing ideas and penning the occasional exercise to sharpen our wits and challenge our imaginations.

As a group we are tremendously proud to have three of our members works published.

Letters In Time


  • You can read a review drama-critique
  • And you can watch the production on You Tube

Contact the group leader:


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