Computer group meeting 20th Oct 13:00

The group will meet on 20th October at 13:00.

Location: Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud 45, Moraira

Robert Verbruggen will be available to help with questions you may have about Windows computers.

Piotr Azia will also be present to assist Apple users.

The Agenda for this meeting includes:

  • Subscription to the group,
  • PC security (free and paid versions),
  • Maintenance(Regular check & cleanup SW and HW),
  • Specific questions.

After this individual PC problems can be attended to.

If you have a portable computer (notebook, laptop, netbook, tablet, iPad etc.) bring it with you so you can practice what is discussed or share your experience with others. If you don’t have one you may share with someone else. Internet access will be available.

You can contact Robert by email:

Check the Computing Group group page on the U3A web site

includes directions for the Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud 45

U3A active members only

Please note that participation in any U3A group is limited to U3A active members (who have renewed their current year’s membership.) Active members will receive communications by email and access to closed groups on Facebook. If you wish to invite a guest to the group, please contact the group leader in advance.

In order to speed up checking your membership status, please provide the same email address you used to join the U3A when contacting the group leader and, if possible, include your membership number. If you have changed your email address, please send your new email address to the Membership Secretary, so that she can update the U3A records.

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