Club Nautica hosts Las Chicas Que Comen

Wednesday 11th June brought balmy breezes and the warmth of the Spanish summer to the Costa Blanca, much to the delight of Las Chicas Que Comen. Our monthly gathering was hosted by Club Nautica at Moraira Port, a scenic and muy tranquilo locale.

Perhaps it was the delightfully pleasant weather, or the maritime ambiance of sails bobbing on the gentle swells. Maybe it was the soporific effect of the heat itself, combined with that uniquely summertime sight of brightly coloured fabrics unintentionally mimicking the local flora.  Whatever the reason, this particular gathering was truly magical.

As so many of the ladies will attest, the food certainly wasn’t the reason for the feelings of camaraderie and purely female bonding that seemed to blossom as freely as the fragrant blooms this time of year.  The Chicas have come of age, and all who attended commented upon how lovely this luncheon was, with friendships finding new depth and laughter ringing like bells.

We have developed a sense of identity as women of the Costa, sharing our strengths and even our sorrows, and finding great comfort in the companionable presence of ever more familiar faces.  I’d say we are a huge success as a group, discovering meaning far beyond the meal amongst our neighbours and chicas.

Lynn Clark has outdone herself with her organizational alchemy, with Elaine and Shirley as stalwart partners in social management.  The decision to alternate Wednesday one month and Thursday the next was announced, and all present seemed amenable to the idea.  Thank you again, ladies, for arranging such a fine event.

I must make the briefest mention of the truly disappointing food.  Without judging Club Nautica too harshly, as many of us have had positive culinary experiences there in the past, it’s necessary to say this was not one of their more successful efforts.  Those who ordered the chicken reported that it arrived seriously undercooked, causing many women to send the food back.  The pork was similarly poorly cooked, and in some cases it was overdone, while others had pink bordering on red meat.  The fish was the only meal that seemed fine.   So, no stars or compliments for the food.  It seemed the restaurant struggled to manage such a large group.

To end on a positive note, despite the food being less than ideal, this was the most enjoyable of all the gatherings of Las Chicas so far, in my opnion. Other women shared the same sentiment, and it brings home the truth to me, that we use lunch as an excuse or reason to do what we do so well.  Forge strong female friendships.  Again, a sincere thanks to our hard working organisers, and a round of applause for all of us. We’re a great team!

Carol Corke




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