Chicas que Comen: 11th March at Le Soleil

Le Soleil is in the centre of Moraira on the inside corner of the square by the sea with the fishers statue. In summer there is outside seating, but as it was a chilly day we thirty two Chicas happily filled the inside area, except for two brave guys near the door. The food here is always beautifully cooked, described and presented, and this day was no exception. After a welcome glass of wine or cava we drew the usual coloured sticks to allocate seating and introduced ourselves to new neighbours or greeted the ones we already knew. As the starters arrived at each table it went quiet except for mmmmmmms, always a good sign! While going round taking photos I asked opinions as usual, and each person thought theirs was best, so everybody was happy. ( Actually, my smoked trout avocado parcels and cod was best! Although the pork stuffed with spinach and apricots also looked pretty good, also the….. )   So ok, all good! Amir and his team looked after us extremely well, good humoured and efficient.

Thank you again to Lynn and Elaine, you make this a really good event, and we want you to know that we all appreciate it.

Jan Adams


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