Group Leader: Sandy Bianco

Venue: Solpark
Frequency: Weekly Mondays 14:00-16:00          

Canasta is an uncomplicated card game for singles, partners or for 6 persons. The game is similar to rummy where you collect numbered cards. It’s fun and not difficult. Read more about the game and its rules.


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The canasta group are a very happy and sociable group of people who meet not just to play the game but we have become a bunch of friends getting together.

When there’s enough money in the kitty we go to a local restaurant, funded totally by our weekly contributions. This particular gathering was a farewell to some of the group for the summer who will return in October.

We meet weekly on Mondays at 2pm at my house in Moraira, near the Paichi garden centre. We will continue to meet through the summer.

Group Christmas Dinner out – 2013

Canasta group dinner

Canasta group dinner

Sandy Bianco writes:   We had the gustación (7 course chef’s special selection) at the fabulous Tribus restaurant in Benitachell, with much jollity and good wine. A fun evening was had by all.  The players all suggested that we put a little more in the pot each fortnight and have these social ‘get-togethers’ more often.  Another is planned for the summer.


Contact group leader by phone 96 574 4850 or by email:

Canasta Summer Lunch September

After the return of some of our group after the summer we had our complimentary lunch on the proceeds of our 'contribution' pot. We are such a happy group and most have become firm friends outside of the canasta group, which is great, just what the…

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Canasta group dinner February

The canasta group celebrated yet another successful year with a 7 course dinner at Tribus restaurant in Benitachell. Sixteen attended and all had an excellent meal with lots of fun. Subs are collected and when we have enough we spend it on…

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Canasta group Christmas lunch

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