Appeal by Chess Group leader Ed Morley

Chess set - wikimedia

We received this request from Ed Morley – please contact him directly if you have information which could help him:

When we went to the Feb meeting I realised that I could not find my chess set. Having had a good search in our house I think that I must have left it in the meeting room after the Dec meeting; we were away for the Jan meeting.

If possible could you:

a. ask on the website if anyone picked it up by mistake in Dec and
b. ask the owners of the building if they have secured it somewhere.

It is a brown case about 1½ the length of a sheet of A4. It holds chess pieces and the necessary parts to play Backgammon and Draughts. There are plasticised sheets of A4 explaining the history of and how to play Chess.

Sorry to trouble you but appreciate your help
Many thanks

Ed Morley (click on link to send an em-mail)

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