List of Art Appreciation and History lectures September 2014-December 2016

Brian Nicholls and Cheda Panajotovic have published the list of lectures for their groups Art Appreciation and History.

Lecture No.DateOrg SpeakerSubject Title 
1Thu, 17 Sep 2009Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicArt Appreciation
2Mon, 28 Sep 2009Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryMary Seacole
3Thu, 22 Oct 2009Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsThe life and work of Toulouse-Lautrec
4Mon, 26 Oct 2009Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicFrom year dot to Man’s First Settlements (1/6)
5Thu, 19 Nov 2009Moraira ART10.30Lynn HaighMatisse – a cornucopia of colour
6Mon, 30 Nov 2009Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicGreece, Phoenicia, Rome and Persia (2/6)
7Thu, 21 Jan 2010Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicVan Gough – a soul in torment
8Mon, 25 Jan 2010Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe Dark Ages (3/6)
9Mon, 22 Feb 2010Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicMedieval Transitions (4/6)
10Mon, 29 Mar 2010Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicFrom the Renaissance to the Great Fire of 1666 (5/6)
11Mon, 26 Apr 2010Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicFrom the Great Fire to the Age of Steam (6/6)
12Mon, 13 Sep 2010Moraira ART10.30Lynn HaighWomen in Art
13Mon, 27 Sep 2010Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicBritain in the Swinging 60's
14Mon, 11 Oct 2010Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsArt Deco and the Bauhaus
15Mon, 25 Oct 2010Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonWhat the Romans did for Spain 
16Mon, 8 Nov 2010Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe Image of Woman
17Mon, 29 Nov 2010Moraira HIST10.30Alan OliverThe Peninsular War, 1808-1814.
18Mon, 13 Dec 2010Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe GOLDEN Art Triangle of Madrid
19Mon, 10 Jan 2011Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicMy Top 10 SPANISH ARTISTS
20Mon, 31 Jan 2011Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe Spice Wars that created the British Empire
21Mon, 14 Feb 2011Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryThe Spanish artist; Bartolomé Estaban Murillo
22Mon, 28 Feb 2011Moraira HIST10.30Brian NichollsIndian Mutiny 1857 - Pt.1
23Mon, 14 Mar 2011Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicVan Gough – a soul in torment
24Mon, 28 Mar 2011Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonThe Spanish Inquisition
25Mon, 11 Apr 2011Moraira ART10.30Lynn HaighArtists & Interiors
26Mon, 9 May 2011Moraira ART10.30Peter AtkinsonGaudí and his Contemporaries: Art Nouveau in Barcelona
27Mon, 30 May 2011Moraira HIST10.30Dee CraigThe Founding of Cape Town.
28Mon, 13 Jun 2011Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsAnimals in Art
29Mon, 27 Jun 2011Moraira HIST10.30Brian NichollsIndian Mutiny 1857 - Pt.2
30Mon, 12 Sep 2011Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsIntroduction to Modern Art
31Mon, 26 Sep 2011Moraira HIST10.30Fabio BezoariThe Anasazi or the Ancient Foreigners of the USA Four Corners region.
32Mon, 10 Oct 2011Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicWas Impressionism Made in England?
33Mon, 31 Oct 2011Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryRamon Llull – the Spanish Shakespeare
34Mon, 14 Nov 2011Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicYour Manet or Your Monet?
35Mon, 28 Nov 2011Moraira HIST10.30Mike RendellLife in 18C England
36Mon, 12 Dec 2011Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe NICE Bloody Mary
37Mon, 9 Jan 2012Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsStanley Spencer
38Mon, 30 Jan 2012Moraira HIST10.30Fabio BezoariI’ve seen Auswitz….
39Mon, 13 Feb 2012Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryHistory’s forgotten female artists
40Mon, 27 Feb 2012Moraira HIST10.30Dee CraigThe Infanta, The Prince and the Two Thrones
41Mon, 12 Mar 2012Moraira ART10.30Brian & ChedaSorolla the painter of summer’s light & Jacob Epstein, ‘sculptor extraordinaire’
42Mon, 26 Mar 2012Moraira HIST10.30Andrew JohnsonThe Grand Tour
43Tue, 10 Apr 2012Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicCauses of WW1 TUESDAY
44Mon, 30 Apr 2012Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonAncient Greece to London 2012
45Mon, 14 May 2012Moraira ART10.30Mike Rendell18C Paper Craft
46Mon, 28 May 2012Moraira HIST10.30Danny CoburnThe History of the Masonic Order - 45 minute talk without illustration 
47Mon, 11 Jun 2012Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryHistory’s forgotten female artists: Artemisia Gentileschi
48Mon, 25 Jun 2012Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryThe 7 Wonders of the World
49Mon, 10 Sep 2012Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicWas Picasso the greatest artist ever?
50Mon, 24 Sep 2012Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe Borgias
51Mon, 8 Oct 2012Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryHistory’s forgotten female artists: Maria Sibylla Merian (1647- 1717)
52Mon, 29 Oct 2012Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonHistory of Texas – part 1 (From pre Columbian to the Civil War – 1861)
53Mon, 12 Nov 2012Moraira ART10.30Mike Rendell18th C: Birth of the R.A. Reynolds, Blake, Turner etc.
54Mon, 26 Nov 2012Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonHistory of Texas – part 2 (From Civil War to Apollo XI)
55Mon, 10 Dec 2012Moraira ART10.30Fabio BezoariSicilian Pilgrimage – 3000 years of history
56Mon, 14 Jan 2013Moraira ART10.30Brian Nicholls‘Der Blaue Reiter’ (The Blue Rider) group of artists
57Mon, 28 Jan 2013Moraira HIST10.30Dee CraigBritish Kings and Queens in 54 minutes
58Mon, 11 Feb 2013Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicArtists in pain!
59Mon, 25 Feb 2013Moraira HIST10.30Danny Coburn1920’s to 1948 and the creation of Israel.
60Mon, 11 Mar 2013Moraira ART10.30Maureen StanleyGustav Klimt
61Mon, 25 Mar 2013Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryWho Killed the Princes in the Tower? Pt 1: The White Queen, Elizabeth Woodville
62Mon, 15 Apr 2013Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryFrieda Kahlo
63Mon, 29 Apr 2013Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryWho Killed the Princes in the Tower? Pt 2: The Red Queen, Margaret Beaufort.
64Mon, 13 May 2013Moraira ART10.30Mary ConnattyThe Best of Royal Portraits
65Mon, 27 May 2013Moraira HIST10.30Brian NichollsBravery and Treachery: The Young Women Operatives of the SOE
66Mon, 10 Jun 2013Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicART and I
67Mon, 24 Jun 2013Moraira HIST10.30Mike RendellLondon Entertainment: The Top Twenty Tourist Attractions 225 years ago
68Mon, 9 Sep 2013Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsArtists as Illustrators
69Mon, 30 Sep 2013Moraira HIST10.30Andrew JohnsonDividing the World - Spanish to the left, Portuguese to the right.
70Mon, 14 Oct 2013Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicFAUVISM – A Splash of Colour
71Mon, 28 Oct 2013Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryAmelia Earhart, aviator and pioneer
72Mon, 11 Nov 2013Moraira ART10.30Mike RendellGolden Age of Satire
73Mon, 25 Nov 2013Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicYugoslavia – a country that almost was!
74Mon, 9 Dec 2013Moraira ART10.30Dee CraigVictoria’s Children
75Mon, 13 Jan 2014Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryThe creative mind of Leonardo da Vinci
76Mon, 27 Jan 2014Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonThe Birth of a Nation: the American War of Independence - its Causes and Effects.
77Mon, 10 Feb 2014Moraira ART10.30Maureen StanleyA Short Stroll Through Egyptian Art
78Mon, 24 Feb 2014Moraira ART10.30Peter AtkinsonGuernica: the Atrocity and the Painting
79Mon, 10 Mar 2014Moraira HIST10.30Fabio Bezoari‘Alpi at War’ the shortest "war" between Italy and France – W. Alps - 1940.
80Mon, 31 Mar 2014Moraira HIST10.30Larry SherringtonThe British East India Company
81Mon, 14 Apr 2014Moraira ART10.30Dee CraigQueen Victoria’s Children
82Mon, 5 May 2014Moraira HIST10.30Mike Rendell"Slavery and the Abolition movement"
83Mon, 12 May 2014Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryThe Pitmen Painters
84Mon, 8 Sep 2014Moraira ART10.30Brian & ChedaOur 10 favourite art works – each.
85Mon, 29 Sep 2014Moraira HIST10.30Cheda Panajotovic“Whilst London sleeps - Samuel Pepys”
86Mon, 13 Oct 2014Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryThe artistic talents of Hitler and Churchill
87Mon, 27 Oct 2014Moraira HIST10.30Mike RendellHistory of the Circus
88Mon, 10 Nov 2014Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryEladio Calleja (1931-1985) Born in Javea. Artist, Sculptor and Poet
89Mon, 24 Nov 2014Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicThe little-known Alfred Stevens and the Romantic Movement
90Mon, 12 Jan 2015Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsArt of Conflict
91Mon, 26 Jan 2015Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonA History of Andalucia
92Mon, 9 Feb 2015Moraira ART10.30Dee Craig Cecil Rhodes 
93Mon, 23 Feb 2015Moraira HIST10.30David RohlExodus-Myth or History
94Mon, 9 Mar 2015Moraira ART10.30Maureen StanleyGoya and the Duchess of Alba
95Mon, 30 Mar 2015Moraira HIST10.30Brian NichollsAnimals in Warfare
96Mon, 20 Apr 2015Moraira ART10.30Peter AtkinsonThe Life and Work of Ansel Adams, Landscape Photographer
97Mon, 27 Apr 2015Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryEva Perón (1919 –1952): Her Life, Her Legacy and the Legend
98Mon, 11 May 2015Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryTamara Lempicka; the Art Deco Painter’
99Mon, 25 May 2015Moraira HIST10.30Dee CraigLady Jane Grey
100Mon, 8 Jun 2015Moraira ART10.30Brian & ChedaYet another ART double act
101Mon, 29 Jun 2015Moraira HIST10.30Brian NichollsThe turbulent years of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell
102Mon, 14 Sep 2015Moraira ART10.30Brian & ChedaAnother Double Act
103Mon, 28 Sep 2015Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryLady Elizabeth Butler (Mimi Thompson)
104Mon, 26 Oct 2015Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicTurner’s watercolours
105Mon, 9 Nov 2015Moraira ART10.30Alan OliverSpanish Civil War
106Mon, 30 Nov 2015Moraira HIST10.30Peter AtkinsonA cycle trip to Santiago, Art, Architecture etc.
107Mon, 14 Dec 2015Moraira ART10.30Peter AtkinsonValencia: a history of a city.
108Mon, 11 Jan 2016Moraira ART10.30Mike GranvilleAlternative History
109Mon, 25 Jan 2016Moraira HIST10.30Alan OliverPortuguese explorers
110Mon, 25 Jan 2016Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicCharles II – The Wilderness Years!
111Mon, 8 Feb 2016Moraira ART10.30Maureen StanleyPicasso’s Muse
112Mon, 29 Feb 2016Moraira HIST10.30David RohlExodus: part two
113Mon, 14 Mar 2016Moraira ART10.30Angela ChantryGrandma Moses
114Mon, 11 Apr 2016Moraira ART10.30Peter AtkinsonThe Parallel Lives of L.S. Lowry and Norman Rockwell.’
115Mon, 25 Apr 2016Moraira HIST10.30Angela ChantryThe story of Mata Hari
116Mon, 9 May 2016Moraira ART10.30Cheda PanajotovicCelebrity ‘Artists’
117Mon, 30 May 2016Moraira HIST10.30Dee CraigSarah Churchill
118Mon, 13 Jun 2016Moraira ART10.30Brian NichollsDance through the ages as portrayed by artists such as Rubens, Botticelli,
Brueghel through to Rosenquist and Jaspar Johns.
119Mon, 27 Jun 2016Moraira HIST10.30Cheda PanajotovicPlunder of Ancient Egypt
120Mon, 12 Sep 2016Moraira ART10.30Brian & ChedaDouble Act - Strange London Histories and Iconic Photographs of the 20th century
121Mon, 26 Sep 2016Moraira A & H10.30Angela ChantryRossetti and his muses
122Mon, 10 Oct 2016Moraira A & H10.30David Rohl‘Sangreal-The Romano-Spanish legend of the Holy Grail’
123Mon, 31 Oct 2016Moraira A & H10.30Mike RendellSome Famous and Infamous Courtesans of the 18th Century
124Mon, 14 Nov 2016Moraira A & H10.30Brian Nicholls‘The Man Who Was’
125Mon, 28 Nov 2016Moraira A & H10.30Mike Granville‘Magna Carta’
126Mon, 12 Dec 2016Moraira A & H10.30Graciela KaplanA (ballerina’s) life in four acts

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  • The U3A Teulada-Moraira lectures are given in the splendid comfort of the main auditorium of La Senieta, the modern building on the corner of the free public car park in Moraira.
  • No booking is necessary and there is no group to join – just turn up and take a seat.
  • All U3A members are welcome to these FREE lectures.
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